ACC: A Year in Review

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From Ivan Goh:

This past year, we introduced the sharing of testimonies by volunteers, guest speakers and students. Through the sharing of testimonies and life stories, I could see the gospel being presented and students asking questions about Christianity.

One lesson learned this year is the value of investing time in the students outside of our scheduled activities. For example, having students over for Thanksgiving, cooking together and sharing meals with our students allowed for the deepening of genuine friendships.

Something to pray for would be for more of the church to participaete in this ministry. Whether it is a family or small group providing meals for the Friday night meetings, individuals providing rides to our meetings or for grocery runs, the students are impacted greatly.


From Rebecca Lu:

I think it was a great year in ACC, thanks to all who put in their time, efforts, love and prayers in this ministry! I enjoyed the time spent with our students, and I get SO EXCITED when we are able to touch on spiritual topics. I pray that there are more natural conversations next year that can lead to Jesus and that we can be more proactive regarding that! I look forward to getting to know our current and future students deeper—with deeper connection and deeper conversations!


From Emily Yan:

I have enjoyed seeing how ACC has grown and evolved. In the leadership, we all contribute in our different gifts and have all learned to support the students through prayer. I really have enjoyed getting to know the international students better by learning about their culture and hearing their thoughts on living in the U.S. There are certain students that have come consistently and have been engaged in conversation and activities every time. I am thankful for the relationships forged over time and am continuously surprised by the thoughtful conversations. This group shows what it is like to share life with one another.


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