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Couples' Connection

couples connection

Each first Friday of the month, I know where Stephanie and I will be: Couples’ Connection Fellowship. Part of it is because we help lead the group (with an awesome team—shout out to the Chans, Gohs, and Michaels), so we need to be there. But another part of it is because we get so much out of the group. We connect with God, with one another and with other couples. Connection is so important for our relationship, especially in our transient, self-centered, individualistic society.

Honestly, there are some Fridays when Stephanie and I would rather stay at home. We’ve had a long week. We’re trying to raise three young kids. It’d be much easier to just have some “us” time. But we need community connections. Each fellowship, we meet people who’ve walked the path we're on. Each fellowship, we find people who will pray with us when we lose our temper with our oldest. And each fellowship, we get to invest in other couples as they work their jobs, take care of their families and live their lives. Even after a long week, I’m always glad that we decided to go to Couples’ Connection Fellowship (though sometimes we pay for it Saturday morning as the kids’ sleep schedule is all messed up).

If you are dating, recently engaged, or married for one year or 40 years, we hope to see you there.

Couples' Connection Fellowship is held the first Friday of each month at AABC from 6:30–8:30 p.m. If you want more info, please contact Andy Michaels.


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