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Multiply Group Experience


What was one of the most enjoyable times of your life? For me, the answer is easy: college.

When I ask others this question, many times they too respond with college. Why? What makes the college experience so enjoyable? Although there is a variety of reasons, the one consistent answer I hear is COMMUNITY RELATIONSHIPS. College is a unique time when people have the desire and time to be in intentional community with one another. 

The pandemic has reminded me repeatedly that we are created to be in community. The triunal God (Father-Son-Spirit) is a God of community. We are made in His image, so we too are designed to be communal—with God and with one another. But the pandemic has made this extremely difficult. 

We want to give you an opportunity to intentionally be in community with others who are also intentionally seeking the same. On Sunday, Sept. 27, we will start our 7-week Multiply Group Experience.  

At AABC, we desire to make disciples to the fourth generation, and one of the ways we aim to do so is through our Multiply Groups. These groups provide intimate friendships and accountability and cultivate a life deeply rooted in God’s Word and mission with the purpose of spiritual transformation and replication.

This 7-week experience will give you a taste of Multiply Groups. Each week, we'll watch a video that overviews the Discipleship Pathway and have breakout discussions and sharing because we want you to UNDERSTAND, EXPERIENCE and, hopefully, EMBRACE multigenerational discipleship. We want you to be in community, and we want you to help others be in community. 

We may never relive the college experience again, but we can always pursue discipleship and intentional community, even in a pandemic. We hope to see you there! 

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