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Saying It … or Praying It?


I recently heard that there are 7 million people in the DFW area and there are more churches here than in 25 states combined. That’s pretty staggering to think about—more than 4,200 churches in DFW. I mean, we all know we’re in the Bible Belt … but this sure makes us look like the “buckle” in that belt!

Even with the high density and accessibility to churches here in our backyards, there’s a common assessment that Texan Christians may be a mile wide but their faith in Christ is only an inch thick. We can see the need for a revival here in our cities, but are we actively praying for it or are we just paying lip-service to that notion?

It’s easy to fall into the latter category of just saying we want revival—that we want to be disciple-makers—but de facto we just want to live out our lives comfortably here with a ticket to heaven when we pass away. I’ve succumbed to that sad notion many times over the course of my life, but God has been revealing to me more and more the beauty of being on mission for Him.

This coming Easter season, our church family will be joining up with ReviveTX with the goal of uniting the Church in equipping believers to go out and share the Gospel and make disciples. ReviveTX is not about an event; it’s not about getting people to listen to a famous evangelist; it’s about a lifestyle for an Everyday Christian. More than 100 churches are committed to it, including ours. For each of those 50 days (April 16 to June 4), we will be praying, worshipping, training and going out into the streets to share Christ with our community.

Will you pray along with me for a revival to come across our churches, our cities and our communities?


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