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What Did They Say?

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We tried something new in our Sunday School class offerings this fall quarter: a sermon-based class that invites everyone to go deeper into the message they just heard in the worship service called, "What Did They Say?" Alex Gee and Dorian Tien are great as tag-team facilitators for this dynamic and diverse group of adults.

There's never a dull moment or lag in sharing as, invariably, there are wonderful insights and great questions shared throughout the hour we have together. In addition, there's the blessing of people being able to open up and share their lives with one another in a genuine and transparent manner, as well as praying for one another throughout the week. This helps all of us see God at work in our midst—even when we don't have it all together, His love continues to pursue and perfect us.

I'm excited to see how this new format will help more folks connect with one another and to Christ as we will be having fellowship-based Sunday Schools in the upcoming winter 2017 quarter!

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