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Together Became Possible by the Open Door

March 7, 2021 Speaker: Nabeeh Abbassi Series: AABC

Passage: Acts 10:9–10:36

Practical Lessons:

  1. The roots of prejudice and racism are in our fallen nature, resulting in discrimination, racism, and a lack of cooperation and working together. God dealt with Peter by teaching him the importance of accepting others and that the message of salvation is for all. God's holy word deals with us in the same way. It does not allow us to linger in our segregated state but pushes us outward into the world and unites us together as the people of God.
  2. The Holy Spirit works with seekers, and we must partner together to present the good news to them.
  3. God allowed refugees to come and go to places where churches are located so we can reach them and present the gospel message to them. Together, we can complete this unfinished task.

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