TUFF via ZOOM Video Chat

The youth counselors, TUFF student leaders, and I have been working hard and praying about how to encourage each other to TASTE and to SEE that the Lord is good (Psalm 94:8a) during this new season of social distancing.  Below are (1) the important values that we are working with and (2) the detailed schedule of what our TUFF ministry will look like each week until we are back on campus together.  

Important values:  

  1. Routine is super important during this season.  We can waste our days away playing video games, checking social media, watching netflix, and other things.  It's important to schedule video meet ups to invest in others and to spend time together.  You can download ZOOM for free at https://zoom.us/
  2. These ministry elements might seem like a lot especially since you have online school, but we're just trying to give you multiple opportunities to meet up via video chat.
  3. Prioritize your TUFF small groups.  MAKE EVERY EFFORT to go to the TUFF Zoom video chat.  Everything else is "optional" or "if you have time" and "feel free to drop in and out."
  4. These are the "regularly scheduled video chat hangouts," but remember that relationships don't just happen in these hangouts.  You should love on others outside of these hangouts too by checking in on them, texting them, praying for them, etc.  
  5. If you'll be going to any of these regularly scheduled video chat hangouts, guide and encourage others to go with you. Bring someone with you.  "Hey, let's go to the Tuesday Lunch and Pray."

1.  TUFF small groups*** (Top Priority)

Purpose (why):  to encourage each other towards Christ like maturity via conversations, bible study, and prayer.
Curriculum (what):  Jason will design a curriculum or a set of questions each week.
Day/Time (when):  Ask your small group action team leaders and counselors for the day/time.
Who: with your small group.

2.  Just Lunch (optional)

Curriculum (what): It's just lunch with Charlie. Its a set time every week to join in on the Zoom video platform to eat lunch with other tuffers. It's a super casual environment with no curriculum (aside from some icebreaker questions) to help foster relationships with each other. You don't even need to be eating lunch. You don't need to talk either you can just sit in and listen in as well.
Purpose (why): Building connection is super important right now, because we are losing some of that time due to this season of remoteness. I think just being able to have a structured time, where tuffers can just join in and talk to me and others will be very life giving especially since we all will be prone to cabin fever and might experience loneliness.
Day/Time (when): Mondays from 12-1pm, feel free to pop in whenever you available.
Who: This is only open to Tuffers right now. Sorry parents maybe we can grab lunch some other time.
Zoom Meeting Link: Click Here 

3.  Tuesday Lunch and pray (optional)

Purpose (why): (1) We pray because we are not able, but He is able.  (2) We pray and share with others to walk alongside each other, to mourn with each other, and to celebrate with each other.
Curriculum (what): Pray and share.  Share highlights and lowlights.  And pray for each other.
Day/Time (when):  Tuesdays from 12pm to 1pm.  
Who: with all of TUFF
Zoom Meeting Link:  Click Here

4.  Thursday Lunch and Devo (optional) 

Purpose (why): We want to experience Christ everyday and to taste and to see that He is good.  One way to do that is to study the Bible.
Curriculum (what): TBD.
Day/Time (when):  Thursdays from 12pm to 1pm.
Who: with all of TUFF
Zoom Meeting Link:  Click Here

5.  Friday Night Game Night (optional)

Purpose (why): We're a youth group, so let's have fun and make happy memories together through games.
Curriculum (what): Pictionary, scavenger hunt, Scattergories, apples to apples (all online), etc.
Day/Time (when):  Friday from 7pm to 8pm.
Who: with all of TUFF.
Zoom Meeting Link:  Click Here

6.  Sunday sermon with your family or by yourself!

Purpose (why): To listen, to learn, to be sharpened, and to be encouraged by the exposition of scripture.
Curriculum (what):  Whatever the pastor preaches on =).
Day/Time (when):  Sunday.
Who: You and your family.
We are commiting all of these ministry elements to prayer.  We hope and pray that you will be monumentally encouraged to taste and to see that the Lord is good through this.  Let me know if you have any comments or questions. 

We love you - TUFF leadership.  


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