Women's Retreat

Saturday, April 7, 2018 • 9:30 a.m.–4 p.m.
Dallas Arboretum
Fee: $40 (lunch, parking and access to the Arboretum provided)
Registration open from March 4–18
Featuring speaker Lisa Lloyd

What were you born to do? Who were you created to be? What's the yearning deep within your soul? What if you could live into that very purpose? This kind of living requires us to see ourselves as instruments designed to be used for the glory of God.

But most of us don't see ourselves this way. Instead, we resign ourselves to be spectators in the audience, still waiting for our names to be called—to be cast in that next big role. We look at our past mistakes and sometimes feel like we aren't enough to be used by God and that He might rather use someone else.

We can compare ourselves to others and feel like we often fall short. Of course, we all hope to be selected. However, sometimes in our desire to be chosen, we turn our focus to others, hoping they will select us. We end up auditioning for life, always striving to make the cut and gain approval.

At our retreat, we will dive deep into Scripture, taking a look at what God has to say about us and how He chooses us to reflect His glory to those around us. We will get practical, look at how we can specifically glorify God in ALL we do, no matter who we are, what stage of life we are in, or how special, or not-so-special, we may feel. By the end of our day together, we will be empowered and impassioned to live our lives for the fame of God's name.

Check out our retreat video here.


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