Masks are optional for those participating in Sunday worship services, Children's Ministry programs, and other ministries at church.

Discipleship Pathway

AABC Discipleship Focus: Gather, Grow, Go

GATHER together to worship Jesus

  • Like a weekly family meal, we as a church family seek to gather together once a week at a worship service. Our worship services are a weekly commitment to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, together.  

GROW together to become like Jesus

  • We as a church family seek to grow together to become more like Christ. We want to grow in Christlikeness (The Great Commandment and the fruits of the Spirit) through intentional Bible study and inter-generational discipleship. 

GO together to demonstrate Jesus

  • We as a church family seek to go together to demonstrate Jesus to a world that desperately needs to know and experience the good news of Jesus.  All of us have been given unique stories, experiences, and giftings to be used together to impact those in the church and outside of the church.

Worship with us at

9:30am Sunday