Masks are optional for those participating in Sunday worship services, Children's Ministry programs, and other ministries at church.

Discipleship Pathway

We seek to “make disciples to the fourth generation” (2 Timothy 2:2). Our process for making disciples is being intentional in 4 different types of relationships: the Congregation, the Community, the Core, and the Crowd.


At AABC, we want you to intentionally pursue these relationships through four ministries:


Discipleship Pathway Details 

AABC_DP WorshipGod is worthy of our worship, and the AABC family loves to worship together. We meet weekly on Sunday mornings and desire it to be a time where we can come before God and others in an authentic way. After all, God desires our hearts; it’s not a performance. 

Attending our worship services is a great way to know God and to meet the church family for the first time. It’s also the first step on the Discipleship Pathway.


AABC_DP ConnectThe second step in the Discipleship Pathway is to move our worship and knowledge of God into connection with others. Our spiritual life is not to be lived out in isolation. As such, AABC challenges every believer to be in Connect Groups with other believers and those open to learning about Jesus.

A Connect Group is always open for anyone to join and is an environment of biblical community where people can:

  • BELONG – be welcomed and accepted
  • BELIEVE – encounter Christ and His Word
  • BECOME – live out our identity in Christ


AABC_DP MultiplyThe third step in the Discipleship Pathway is participation in a Multiply Group. These groups provide intimate friendships and accountability and cultivate a life deeply rooted in God’s Word and mission.

These Multiply Groups are a gender-specific, closed group of three to five believers who meet together regularly for the purpose of spiritual transformation and replication.

A person joins a Multiply Group by invitation only, with most being formed out of relationships from a Connect Group.


AABC_DP ImpactThe fourth step of the Discipleship Pathway is to join God in His work of impacting the world through missionsevangelism and serving those around you.

Opportunities for serving abound within the church, as well as the everyday ecosystems in which God places you.

At AABC, we will help you discover and employ the gifts God has given you to serve the church, your community and our world.


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