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Athletes Kneeling… American Flag… AABC’s Role


In the past 12 months and, in particular, this past week, the issues of athletes protesting by kneeling or sitting and the American flag have been on the forefront of the news and in our minds. It’s yet another example of divisiveness in America and the departure from the truth that ALL people are image-bearers of God. People are singled out as expletives and subjected to injustices in the criminal justice system. You may not be African American, but do you understand what this conflict is all about? And more importantly, do you understand your role (as the Church) in bringing reconciliation to all ethnic groups, including your own?

I’ve been on my own journey these past few years in what it means for me, as a follower of Christ, to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. It’s been uncomfortable, uneasy and, most of all, rewarding as I stopped settling for sound bites on TV and snippets in articles, instead having face-to-face conversations and developing relationships with people who are not like me.

I want to invite you to go on this journey with me.

I am part of a racial reconciliation leadership team called Threaded. We understand that knowing where to start to have conversations about race, injustice, discrimination and how the Gospel speaks into those dark areas of humanity is an obstacle for many of us.

Threaded is offering Learning Groups, diverse groups of brothers and sisters in our region who gather to read a book, examine Scripture and interact with one another about the concepts that are raised. I am going to be co-leading one of these Learning Groups with Pastor Keith Hileman (Trinity Fellowship Church, Richardson). There are other groups available, including one that our retreat speaker, Markus Lloyd, is co-leading.

Groups will start soon, so please pray about this opportunity and consider joining a group. In fact, if I may be so bold, I encourage you to prioritize this. You can sign up for a Learning Group that works with your schedule here.

Go and Be the Church.


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